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WordPress Development Company – Hiring Guide for Non-Technical Persons

Out of all the users of WordPress, both individuals and companies, most of them have no idea regarding what’s going behind the scene. Here scene connotes their e-commerce websites, company websites or blogs that are build using this open source application. While of course, some of the users might have some ideas about CSS and HTML and some others might be able to edit some areas, but that’s all about it. And when something goes wrong, like wrong update, edit or copy-paste, cold sweat scrolls down their foreheads. The reason – they fail to understand what the problem is and how they could fix the same. This is where the role of a WordPress Development Company comes into play.


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The world of WordPress is a 2-faceted market
What does this mean? The first group of users of WordPress has no or little amount of knowledge about this open source software. The second group possesses engineer’s degree, certification, well-thought approach and experience. The ecosystem of WordPress is developing because of these two different extreme worlds and their needs. So, you can easily classify it as the age old demand and supply approach.

Are you looking forward to hire wordpress developer, but have no technical background? Here are some of the most important considerations in this regard. Read on –

  Identify your needs – Companies and individuals develop almost anything using WordPress, such as websites, blogs, social communities, etc. Therefore, the market can be easily termed as heterogeneous. Here the projects differ a lot, from data optimization to custom form building or a theme to negligible tweaks. So, before hiring a wordpress Development Company, it is very important to figure out your unique requirements and sketch down the outcomes thoroughly.

Dear reader, you cannot look forward to hire the best professional or company, until and unless you don’t put your effort and spend some time sketching out a clear and all-encompassing description of your requirements, desired outcome, financial constraints and deadline. According to a trusted source, near about 45% of the projects are turned down by WordPress developers because of lack of proper and in-detailed information.

  Look for word-of-mouth referrals – Suppose you need a carpenter or a plumber and don’t know one. What would you do in the first place? Most probably, you would look for referrals from relatives, friends and co-workers. Won’t you? The same holds true when it comes to hire a wordpress Development Company. You can begin your search by asking about experts and reliable developers from those people who have already done similar businesses.

What? Nothing fruitful came up? Well, just relax and widen the angle of your research. How to do that? You can do the same by attending seminars and local meet ups that are organized periodically. You can also ask your LinkedIn contacts to provide you with some useful resources. Don’t forget, that word-of-mouth is not dead and it can do wonders.

  Do extensive researches – If you have found some contacts in your prospect’s list, don’t hire wordpress developer at random. It’s just the beginning of your discovery phase. So, get started with going through their websites, online repos and portfolios. While doing so, pay close attention to the below mentioned pointers –

How do they showcase their work?
Do they have well-presented as well as detailed case studies on their websites?
Have they ever made contributions to the WordPress community?
What do users think about their themes and plug-ins, if any?

Thereafter, you need to checkout their profiles on various social media platforms and try to gauge their tendency and frequency of participation. Especially, watch out one of the most important aspects – how to they deal with user questions. Although the main duty of a developer is not answering questions, it will help you a great deal.

  Watch out for their services – With a reliable and experienced wordpress Development Company, you can expect to get the following services. So, don’t skip this step.
WordPress personalization
WordPress Security
WordPress and digital marketing
WordPress proficiency and e-commerce solution
WordPress for almost anything

To hire wordpress developer, this task might look daunting when you don’t have any idea about coding and other relevant details, but in reality it’s not at all scary or taxing. All you need to do you keep your requirements on mind and proceed gradually and accordingly.

Web Designing Company – Some Important Aspects to Consider When Looking for the Best

Your company’s website is your company’s reputation. So, regardless of the size of your company, whether it is a small, a large, a locally renowned or a Fortune 500 company, selecting the correct and the best web designing company becomes quite important and necessary. However, it’s pretty understandable, if it becomes difficult for you to determine the factors that should be taken into consideration while selecting one from thousands of web design companies operating right there in the global market.


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To know about the primary, yet important considerations, take a look at the following pointers:

Years of experience in designing
Experience matters a lot and you cannot disagree to it. So, make sure that the web designing company you are willing to hire has good amount of experience in dealing designing projects similar to yours. In case, they have not worked on similar projects, do check out their company portfolio. This will help you find out whether or not your requirements match. One of the most important things related to a web designing project is having a well thought plan of action.

Although every company or professional might have a completely different plan, some points have to be common in their checklist. Most importantly, these can’t be avoided, no matter how much they try to. From huge amount of whitespace and most spectacular pictures to lucid call-to-action (CTA), great user interface and search functionality, all such common components are expected by their users, as far as easy user experience is concerned. Here are few of those components given below:

 • Space – An experienced company that offers web designing Services cannot deny the importance that space holds. That’s because this 5 letter word dictates almost everything, right from flow, design to readability. In simple words, it can do wonders. It can transform a simple looking image to the most attractive element of a website and so on.

 • Simple and easy navigation – It should be not at all complicated, rather it should be easy to use and identify. Companies with years of experience understand the same and keep the navigational features as minimal as possible.

 • About us page – The team at a web designing Services company knows that how important the ‘About Us’ page is, especially for a small business. Although this component is not that crucial for major brands or businesses that are already household names, still it’s a common practice. So, they make sure that the About Us page correctly reflects the soul of a company.

 • CTA – In most of the cases, a company’s website becomes the main gateway to action, like providing user relevant information, making a sale and much more. Therefore, CTA prompts should be robust as well as obvious. A good web designing company pays special attention to it.

Apart from the important and common components given above, images, contact information, search box, informational footer, web fonts and button styles are also very important.

Customer service is the key
While your web designing project is in process, you might feel that some texts, images, contact information or any other aspect of the websit needs to be amended or removed before the entire thing goes live. In such a situation, if you can directly contact your web designing company and tell your requirements, then it would be an added advantage for you. Therefore, do inquire about such provisions before hiring a company.

Look for indicators of credibility
Identifying the reliability of a company with the help of some amazing credibility indicators is always a wise thing. Some of the commonly used, if not all, indicators are:

 • Provision of checking your project’s progress online
• Accreditation of relevant and esteemed organizations
• List of clients
• Online chat option
• Customer assistance over phone
•  Work portfolio

Don’t forget about pricing
The value of web designing Services offered is quite important. Generally, the price of web designing depends on the features used in your website, the quality and amount of content as well as the service options available with your design package, if any. Make sure to get all related details beforehand. Good companies are always upfront with their services and pricing.

Turnaround time is equally important
With a good web designing company, you are more likely to get the fastest turnaround time. However, make sure to confirm the same beforehand.

A gentle remainder – Hiring a company that claims to offer the fastest and the most affordable services does not demonstrates that it’s the best one in the market. Therefore, make sure to research well and consider the above mentioned pointers before you hire one.

About Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Companies

The world is swiftly getting digital from analogue and it’s quite apparent. These days, people are getting more and more involved consuming digital content, somewhat regularly via their laptops, desktops, mobile phones and other handheld devices. So, businesses that haven’t included the same in their company’s’ marketing strategies so far need to adapt digitization fast.

Online Marketing Companies are many. So, if you are looking for someone experienced to help you out with digital marketing and related agendas, you can easily find one. However, make sure to go for the best one. After all, it’s the matter of your reputation.


Now let’s discuss about the importance of digital marketing.
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Digital marketing – Importance
When companies are suggested to include digital marketing as a part of their marketing strategies, the first question they ask is – why this marketing concept is so important? Probably, you might have the same query. The reason – it is one of the fastest developing force in respect to the current marketing scenario. Most importantly, it is going to be the upcoming marketing trend, the future of marketing. If things continue to be like this, then in no time digital marketing would replace traditional marketing platforms altogether. This is the reason why, you should buck up and hire one of the best digital marketing companies for your business.

Digital marketing – Older Vs Newer generation’s reaction
Needless to mention, but the older generation would definitely lament the death of traditional advertising or marketing approaches. On the other hand, the people of the newer generation who have grown up in the digital era have already embraced the new digitized world. This is one of the main reasons why companies are banking upon Online Marketing Companies for speeding up their online or digital marketing campaigns.

Some of the most prominent features of digital marketing and communication are speed, versatility and practicality and streamlining abilities. So, it is quite obvious if people and companies are looking forward and embracing the same. The best part – it offers same potential to marketers as well as consumers. Before you know about the benefits of digital marketing and the importance and need of hiring digital marketing companies, let’s take a quick look at some of the common forms of online marketing:

 • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content
• Internet banner advertisements
• Blogs
• Online video content
• PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising
• Mobile marketing
• Social media marketing
• Email marketing
• SMO (Search Media Optimization)
• ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)
• Content marketing

Digital marketing – Benefits
Affordability – Digital marketing is more affordable in comparison to the offline and traditional methods of marketing. For example – a social media campaign or an email can convey a message related to marketing to your targeted audiences or consumers much affordably in comparison to a print campaign or television advertisement, provided you select one of the most reliable Online Marketing Companies.

Reach – Online marketing approaches can help you reach out a wider audience than offline marketing approaches. For example – a man or woman has more access to his or her mobile phone than newspaper while commuting to office. So, a marketing message on mobile will spread at a faster rate to a wider range of audience.

Easy monitoring – One of the major benefits of conducting marketing via online or digital media is easy tracking and monitoring of the results that can’t be done by organizing costly customer researches. In case of digital marketing, you can easily see the rates of customer response as well as monitor the success rate of your company’s marketing campaign that too in real-time.

These are three of the most important benefits offered by digital marketing. However, in order to leverage the best possible advantage of the same, you should hire one of the best and most reliable digital marketing companies.

Digital marketing – why hire a company?
Just like any other business owner, you might be wondering why you need to hire a digital marketing service provider. The answer is – handling such campaigns is not a child’s play and should be done very carefully. The most important part – one has to be experienced, talented and skilled enough to perform online marketing tasks properly. And only experts can do it seamlessly. As far as experts are concerned, only reliable and well-established digital marketing companies have them. So, it becomes quite obvious that why you should hire a professional company for your company’s online marketing.

Approximate Time Taken By a Scanning Company to Scan All Your Documents

If you have all your official information on paper then gradually you will notice the kind of space taken by these piles of paper for storage. Paper storage, over a period of time, will require increasing amounts of area that could be otherwise utilized for more productive purposes. Being the owner of a business enterprise, you would need to have a lot of customer and official information in your reach; having the entire information stored on papers will not prove to be a feasible option in the long run. This is the reason that now more and more organizations are looking for a suitable document scanning company that can met their requirements.

The process starts by sending the files that requires scanning to your hired imaging company. The professional scanning company will evaluate all the documents and will give you an estimate regarding the approximate time required to execute this task. This service can not only improve the way your organization works, but can also save you good deal of money. However, one question that strikes the majority of people is how long it will take the imaging company to actually scan and digitally record the documents.

Although there is no fixed time of scanning documents, it mostly depends on the quantity of files your organization needs to scan. When it comes to scanning your documents there are a variety of options. For instance, if you opt for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and indexing then it can take more time than the usual since these features name every file in such a way that it becomes straightforward to find them with couple of mouse clicks. Even though it is time-consuming, these extra features can make a positive difference to the process of your document digitization.

Furthermore, the efficiency level of the staff of your outsourcing company also plays an important role. If they are proficient and experienced enough to do multitasking then definitely you will get the end result in a relatively short time. Scanning helps to make your valuable files accessible at any time and at any location-rather than going through the file cabinets for hours. It is always suggested to check with your desired company about their approach to the scanning process and whether they would be able to deliver the results in the expected time. You may not need scanning at this very moment, but it is worth to talk with a professional scanning company and see if it can bring out the best for your organization this year.

The Future Prospects of CAD in Different Professional Fields

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the term utilized for plans or models made by the utilization of computers in the engineering or technical field. You might be aware that every part of a developing building or equipment is displayed on a computer before finalizing the designs. It is done to capture the physical components of the proposed design by arranging 2D or 3D models drawings. CAD has influenced the designing process as IT has altered each industry and its working routines. It encourages the production of designs without building a dummy structure, thereby reducing the outlay and time factors.

Computer Aided Design is utilized as a part of the architecture field for making precise and clear perspectives of buildings and flats or any structural configuration. It allows designers to exhibit their innovativeness by specifying technical portions, sizes and methodology. Many industries have started depending on CAD for textile designing and other fashion assignments. It empowers the designers to make different designs on the computer and improve them further, blend and match the colors just with few mouse clicks. It can also be used for plant designing by engineers and designers so that a check can be kept on the security aspects.

The work environment offered today is quick and there is the demand for new items and plans in a short time. Keeping in mind the usage of this software in various fields of life, it can be said confidently that the potential of CAD is huge.  It undoubtedly gives the benefit of reduced cost of production since you do not have to undergo the repeated dummy design cycle until you find one. Also, it has the benefit of working virtually first and then implementing it actually, saving the time and effort to print the designs for further usage. The rising usage of CAD has opened the doors for numerous job prospects in this particular field. In fact, these days students do not feel hesitant to take up various CAD courses to shape their career in architecture, engineering or fashion industry. There are exceptionally wonderful prospects in this field as construction industries are thriving with new-found buoyancy in terms of file conversion services.

At eCeltic, you will get CAD drawings as per the international standards or the standards required by you. Our trained professionals can convert graphic file formats into functional and editable CAD formats desired by the clients. For more details, visit

Look for the following important tips to select a suitable imaging company

There are many emerging companies that are looking forward to scan their photographs and convert them into a digital format. This is because now the companies have realized the importance of scanning all the original photographs and indexing them so they can stored perfectly. On many occasions, the companies undertake a project that requires having a digital copy of all the photos. For scanning a bulk of photographs, it is best to consider the option of outsourcing photo scanning services. Your hired outsourcing company will follow quality measures and scan all your photos in a quick turnaround time. However, you need to be first sure that your chosen company is capable of performing the task properly and delivering the top-notch services.

Finding a trustworthy and dependable outsourcing partner is not a tough task if you use some common sense before finalizing a particular company. The purpose of this article is to help you with some common tips that can help you to settle for the most appropriate partner.

• First, you have to contact an imaging company via phone and seek for relevant answer for your queries. Ask candidly about the services offered by them along with the outlay. You must also ask about the quality of photo scanning progression involved. Do not hesitate to ask for detailed answers, if needed. In this way, you will get a brief idea about their way of working and how they approach the entire process. A co-operative customer service response is always a good sign to ensure that the company has the required expertise.

• Secondly, enquire about the company’s accreditation and the kind of reputation they have in the market. Once you are satisfied, you can visit the company personally and witness their way of working.

• An experienced company will also offer their potential clients to complete a sample work for them so that they are able to take a confident decision. The staff of a reliable firm would always be more than happy to assist their valuable clients. If you notice that they take more than the required time to scan and index your files then you must not continue the venture with them as they are not professional enough to deliver the work on time. On the other hand, if they are able to impress you with a prompt and amiable service then you can take the things forward.

On receiving the digital photographs, make sure you keep a tab on the image quality and colour. If the end result, despite the original photograph being normal, appears grainy or distorted then the particular company lacks the competence to undertake your project. A little vigilance from your end will ensure that you do not invest money into an unreliable place.

Benefits of Data Processing Services

Doing business in today’s stiff market isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and moreover if you are new to any business then the job becomes more difficult. Hence most of the business organizations face heavy competition to take business to the next level by incorporating the right business methods/tactics. To cut all the unnecessary hazards in a business organization, you first need to make sure that you do away with the non-core activity such as data entry, conversion and processing.

Actually in most of the BPO (business process outsourcing) companies, converting business data (information) into right data format— a process also known as data processing services— is not only an easy thing but it is definitely a vital part of the BPO sector. There are many types of data processing services available in the BPO industry such as check processing, insurance claim process, forms process, image process and so on. By hiring data processing services from outside, you can easily reduce the focus over non productive task. Processing of data and converting it into information is called data processing.

These types of information processing are useful to run the business efficiently. By having data processing services, you can get various benefits. Some of the most crucial benefits of data entry services are:

• Data is synchronized arranged and easily converted to information
• Information is more accurate to make suitable decision
• Through these services, you can decrease the turnaround time
• You can easily protect the information. You can also take backup copy to fight against sudden data loss
• Business executive can be more productive and generate more opportunities
• You save huge amount of cost as you are hiring information processing vendor.

Data processing services essentially involve all the steps till electronic format output. There are different types of processing services that will help your business achieve targets without any hassle. Some of the services are mentioned below:

Form Processing: In business, various forms are used. For example invoices, vouchers, tax forms, survey, HTML, CGI forms, Resumes, Legal and email forms. Converting all such in electronic format helps you to gain access the precise information promptly.

Insurance Claim Processing: Insurance is written contract of reimbursement against loss by insurance companies. Hiring of insurance claim processing service ensures that you can manage your claim and get repayment swiftly.
Image Processing: You can make your catalog and brochure more attractive simply by having good images in it. You will get high quality images by processing them. Such good images make your catalog and brochure more effective to catch the attention of clients and customers.

On the whole, data processing services are one of the important services for your business. Such services make your business to achieve high goals in less time, ultimately helping your business achieve more success in the tough and competitive market. To make sure that you hire the best data entry service provider in your area, you can either ask for suggestions from your business partners/colleagues or search the internet for more info. This way you not only ensure your business is being done in the most cohesive manner but it ultimately adds greatly to your annual business turnover.

The evolution of CAD drafting and its importance in designing

Even two decades ago drafting was mainly associated with drawing on large sheets and a drafter. This conventional method of producing designs was not only time-consuming, but also exposed the architects and designers to lots of inconvenience. In addition, it also posed the risk of inaccuracy since hand-made designs are more likely to be less precise. However, with the evolution of CAD software, all the disturbances involved in traditional drafting process can now be eliminated. CAD or computer aided design helps to achieve accurate design drafting in a quick time. CAD software is used by trained professionals to draft and design items that can be easily edited or erased.

The advent of highly developed CAD software has simplified the design drafting process significantly. Owing to the accuracy and short-time involved in this process, the majority of industries are now employing efficient drafting services to get flawless designs quickly. CAD based design drafting is extremely popular in industries like mechanical, architectural, civil, multimedia, automotive, aerospace, and prosthetics. Mechanical industries hire CAD drafting service for generating designs of product and machines. This helps the mechanical industries to incorporate novel concepts in the designing process relatively easily and promptly. Now, the engineers have the opportunity to check vigilantly the assembling of different components even before actually executing the assembly. The design analysis carried out with the help of CAD software helps to identify any potential weak point before initiating the manufacturing stage.

The effectual drafting service solutions of CAD are not restricted to mechanical industry. Even architectural computer aided designs is widely used because of their superior detailing and advanced meticulousness. CAD based drafting services also helps the residential and commercial enterprises to come up with better quality 2D and 3D images. Because of highly accurate designs produced by computer aided designs, the engineers can display their design plans to potential clients even before initiating the construction. If the client suggests some modification in the design, it can be achieved with few mouse clicks.

Apart from their usage in effortless plan execution, computerized CAD Drawings are also widely popular since these designs can be easily maintained and shared with clients sitting in any part of the globe. Moreover, these computerized images or drawings will never get damaged with the passage of time. If there is any kind of errors in the design, it can be effortlessly modified without wasting much of your valuable time. This also facilitates focusing on every minute detail carefully. These days many professional organizations offer supreme quality drafting services at a nominal rate. Owing to improved productivity, several business firms outsource CAD services in order to get flawless designs and drafts.

For More info on Computer Aided Designs – Click Here

Simplify your job by outsourcing CAD drafting services

CAD technology finds its use in almost field. However, some of the most important fields which will find it difficult to operate without CAD include architectural, engineering and construction. These days many companies avail the services of CAD drawing and drafting so that precise results can be achieved. Computer aided drafting process include many practical steps such as designing, drafting and conversion. Owing to the advanced CAD drafting software, the professional architects and designers can now generate perfect designs and sketches with some mouse clicks. Alternatively, it would take months to complete the same task manually. Now, it has become much easier to meet the needs of the clients within fixed time frame.

Computer aided design plays an extremely important role in architectural engineering. It gives the designers an opportunity to create flawless designs, drawings and maps without any trouble. CAD drafting utilizes architectural 3D modeling tool to develop a 3D frame designing. The 3D frame enables the clients to go through the designs more clearly. Moreover, it ensures accurate designs with meticulousness in angles and dimensions. A radically wrong dimension can impact the overall layout, resulting in a lot of modifications. This can further forbid you to complete the work within the stipulated time of the client. This is why the majority of engineers rely heavily on computer aided designs.

Outsourcing has become one of the common processes in corporate world as every business is continuously trying hard to grow and become more efficient. When you outsource your requirements to a team of trained and qualified professionals, you are likely to get flawless, precise output in a relatively less time. Apart from making your business efficient, it also saves you a good deal of money because setting up in-house CAD drafting services can be very costly. Outsourcing helps to get the same work done at a reasonable cost.

The CAD architectural plans are trouble-free to understand, and so thus it is increasingly used in a range of engineering areas like structural, mechanical, civil, and architectural. The advent of this software has helped designers and architects to avoid designing and drawing manually, which in turn saves a lot of time and effort. In addition, the computerized architectural drawings can be stored for future reference as well. It certainly gives the designers an edge to stay ahead of their opponents. Before opting for any particular CAD drafting company, you should conduct a detailed research which must include the feedback of their past clients, so that you get hold of nothing less than best. The technicians of eCeltic are able to convert graphic file formats into functional and editable cad formats. We will provide you CAD drawings that will match your requirements and standards.

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How old books can become great mode of income?

The antediluvian books hold a great deal of information which is just as important as it always was, no matter how long back the books were written. These days there many websites coming up which devote themselves to the scanning and digitizing the old book and upload to make paid downloads or sometime some books comes free of cost. These books are referred as the electronic version of the original books or e-books.

Just make a Google search and then you will come up with numerous sites that will offer the e-books free or with a minimal charge. Google’s, is one of the major players. But why do you think these ancient books are so important and why they are in such great demand. The answer to this would be the information that you can yield from these books is quite informative and very much related to the modern times with the slightest of difference.

How can this be so that these days, many books have reprint and precisely same copies to the original the ones? The justification to this is that they are all now the public domain material. Or you can say that, the copyright on them has expired and is only obtainable for use in any way we desire. So, you will come across some books those are exactly the same but just a few differences here and there and these new copies are making fantastic income for the individual and also the publisher.

Turning old books into new ones is as easy as 123. The simplest but time consuming process is to rewrite and then copy and bind. The second process is to use a scanner and a printer. You can scan the pages and save it in a word file and make necessary edits if you think it is required.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different subjects to choose your public domain material from in order to research your own niche market. It is anticipated that there are over 75 million ancient books in the Public Domain. You can get many further instances for niche book creation by performing a keyword research on one of the many obtainable Internet sites, some of the best ones such as word tracker being free for your use.

You now have no cause for not researching your own niche market, which you can then put to use to put up a product and let old printed books make money for you.

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