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Case study
Project: Glass slides scanning
Date: Oct 2012
About the project: Working with very delicate and valuable old glassy slides of Loreto Convention.
eCeltics role: Our task was to scan glassy slides of archives of Loreto Convention. Work required our high safety procedures to be sure slides won’t get broken. Also we worked on retrieving the best image from old slides so the memories can be preserved.
Client : Mr O Farrell’s
Project: Scanning transparencies
Date: Dec 2012
Website: private client
About the project: Client brought few transparencies for capturing them in TIFF format & high resolution.
eCeltics role: The transparencies were scanned in 2400 dpi as per request and cropped for final delivery. Also minor editions took place.
Client : DCU
Project: Scanning books
Date: Dec 2012 – Jan 2013
About the project: Project included book scanning in number of over 100.
eCeltics role: Client required scans of book pages in 400 dpi. Each page supposed to be saved individually with specific name. Initially we’ve scanned nearly 73, 000 pages.