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List of Recent Projects

Water Ways Ireland conducted a survey to discover and build up a contact database of visitors interested in holidaying on waterways and boating related activities. Visitors were requested to fill out the forms with personal details. e-Celtic keyed this hand written data into a spread sheet for easy mail merge.

We have digitised their library catalogue cards to Adlib Library System. Each catalogue card has at least 10 fields, such as Title, Author, Publisher, Date, Place, Notes, Bibliography.  The cards were both hand written and typed. We converted the cards into XML file format and then batched them into the Adlib Library System. Job volume was over 25,000.

Currently we are digitizing around 10,000 engineering drawings of C.J. Falconer & Associates. The process involves scanning and indexing of the engineering drawings and finally storing them in DVDs. The second phase of the project would be transferring some selected drawing in AutoCAD format.

We have done some drawing and technical manual scanning and data conversion for Neriki Europe. It was a small job, where we had to convert the scans into PDF files and archive those according to file name.

We have developed a digital archive for Martello Media for their collection of architectural drawings, which includes Madame Tussaud’s Museum and the artefacts.

For Odlums we have created an Intranet-based web application with back-end database, which handles data relating to the composition of a particular food product. The application tells the user whether the mixture of flour, wholemeal and wheat are in the correct proportions or not, and can in addition suggest a proportion, if the blend is not correct or current. This system allows different branches of Odlums, at various locations, to log into the system and test their product. With regard to the back-end, we have completed the necessary Data Warehousing to allow extraction of the data according to current requirements, and for the generation of sales, client and product reports on a monthly basis and the front-end was developed with XML & ASP.

We have developed the digital archiving system for NMI for the handwritten Dublin Excavation registers. The total volume of the job is more that 100,000. The handwritten records are in different registers. We have designed and developed the database, digitised and indexed the records and then stored these in the database. Also, the system comes with a user-friendly searching facility, through which the user can search any field of the database and retrieve the corresponding record(s).

We have digitized the Gospels in Serbian Church Slavonic and Bosnian Cyrillic, late 13th  & 14th century. Also we digitized Minej praznicni (Minej for Holy Days) Venice: Bozidar Vukovic, 1538, which is a printed book on vellum.


We have carried out on-site scanning of drawings at ESB, New Ross Power Generating Station. Some of the drawings were 40 inches x 120 inches. Next phase is to vectorize all the drawings in Microstation format.

We are developing a digital archiving system of the Folklife slides archive for the Museum of Country Life. There are approximately 15,000 slides to be scanned and (if necessary) treated with latest image enhancement technologies that reduce the ‘noise’ factor of bad or damaged slides. Then we attached the images with the database and developed the archive so that it can be available over the network. Two main screens viz. the detail view and the thumbnail view are shown in the reference section.

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