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List of Recent Projects

We have created a digital archive for Teagasc. The process involves scanning and indexing of approximately 5,000 engineering drawings and finally storing them on DVDs.


The second phase of the project would be developing an Intranet-based drawing management application through from each Teagasc centre all the drawings could be viewed.

Now we are scanning operational manuals & related drawings of the plant machinery and processes from Guinness. These consist of various sizes & types of pages. Files come in ring binders, in which various A4 documents and A3 – A0 drawings are mixed together (some stapled or tagged) and are scanned in colour and B/W depending on the source, and then re-assembled back into the binders


This project is very similar to the current requirement, where each file needs to be dis-assembled and after scanning re-assembled.

The total job volume of this project is 107,000. In the first phase the volumes containing handwritten property addresses with other information are scanned and the images are trimmed & enhanced. Then the images are indexed according to the volume and page number.

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