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Data Entry Services

Using proprietary software, eCeltic provides the most accurate and cost effective keying service for Data Entry, Form Processing & Data Conversion.
Through manual data entry or automatic form processing, we can convert your unstructured paper based data such as forms, graphics & documents, whether printed or handwritten to a variety of digital formats including:

  • Data Entry to Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV or any other database format
  • Data Entry to Web pages, Text files ( Notepad), XML and EDIFACT format
  • Data Entry to Microsoft WORD file & PDF files
  • Data Conversion to Any text or binary format
  • Form processing of GIF, JPG , BMP, TIFF & all other Image formats
  • Converting into new format called DjVu which can critically reduce pdf size for viewers.

DjVu format is the new technology of files which main advantage is high standard of data compression along with quality of image. Basic target for developers was to make full color magazines, newspapers, manuscripts available online and downloadable at high speed. DjVu files are typically 5 to 10 times smaller than JPEG at similar quality.

eCeltic rigorously ensures the highest quality output and reliability by utilising proven methodologies of double entry verification guaranteeing 99.99% accuracy from handwritten data. Further analysis or manipulation of the data can be performed at the request of the client as well as extrapolating the data to a custom interface or existing application.