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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The process of turning a scanned page of text into computer readable & editable form so that a word processor or other computer software can use it is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). e-Celtic is a leader in OCR text conversion using the latest state of the art technology, OCR tools, and continually developed in-house processes, the digitization of your materials and output OCR text will be of the highest quality.

We utilise a number of different OCR conversion packages, each of which has its own strengths for certain types of documents. Extremely accurate OCR / ICR conversion is done by meticulous correction procedures and cleanup of OCR output by trained technicians. We offer a very competitive OCR conversion service for the conversion of paper ocuments, books, manuscripts, manuals, contracts into Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word Documents, ASCII text and other popular formats and database types.

OCR service plays leading role in data retrieval. It is the first step to your document process automation. With our help you can improve your efficiency at work, reduce time of information search and being sure of accuracy in search. Our advanced softwares can speed up your daily work by enabling key word search in various areas. User-friendly and low cost maintenance software can in seconds find data of address, product code, item, total stock and many more.

Despeckle and deskew


Removing fold marks and hole filling


Infrared dust and scratch reduction using Image Correction and Enhancement technology (ICE)

Book fold correction for bound books

Background noise reduction

Red eye, Newton ring reduction and fade restoration

Colour correction