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Scanning & Imaging Service and Solutions

Document management and digital imaging scanning services from e-Celtic aren’t just limited to paper documents; we cover a wide range of media formats. Whether you’re looking to digitise a historic archive repository of content or looking to improve workflow efficiency and productivity in your organisation, our image capture and document scanning solutions will help you achieve your goal.

e-Celtic takes the confidentiality and security of your documentation very seriously. By proper utilization of advanced document management software, our flawless conversion services have helped small SMEs, government departments, multi-national companies and charities to:

  • Reduce risk and reliance on paper based information with a digital surrogate
  • Enable faster retrieval of information through a digital search of data
  • Improve corporate knowledge management by centralising and archiving key documentation
  • Improve productivity through reduced administration time filing and photocopying
  • Provide a cost reduction in administration and files retrieval.

Armed with bespoke document management software, e-Celtic is a one stop document solution provider, helping organizations with cost-effective, secure solutions encompassing Document Management services, Digital Image scanning, Online Document Management, Indexing & OCR, Workflow and Professional consulting services.

From old manuscripts, rare books, fragile documents and photographs to bulk office documents – our document scanning services deliver the best results to archival standard. Our success in providing high quality document and image scanning solutions is backed by exceptional references from board level members from over 1,000 clients and a 10 year track record.

Our image capture and scanning bureau services utilize a combination of interactive, manual and automated scanning procedures, providing the finest balance of quality, speed and cost performance.
We also provide on-site service in case you would prefer to keep documents and run a process in your premises. Indeed, many benefits come scanning documents at your own offices:

  • You can observe the scanning process locally
  • Professional performance by our technicians with no interruptions in the dedicated service
  • You learn from us as to the best practices so you can efficiently continue scanning later on your own.

Newspaper & Magazine Digitisation

Newspapers & Magazines need to be scanned at sufficient resolutions to OCR the text and capture the graphic information presented. We convert newspapers into searchable, indexed documents and provide them back to you on CDs or DVDs or a complete searchable e-commerce website. Once converted, the entire collection of newspapers and magazines can be easily searched on with text searches.

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Drawings & Maps Digitisation

e-Celtic offer large format document scanning and conversion services for drawings include blueprints, Mylars and drawings spanning up to 40 inch width in sizes. Although most clients request TIFF or Adobe PDF images, output is available in a variety of output formats including DWG, DGN, PDF etc.

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Graphic Arts & Photograph Digitisation

1366211511_package_graphicse-Celtic provide high quality scanning service when it comes to scanning photographs and prints in colour, greyscale and black&white. Extensive image enhancement techniques are available through the highly experienced use of Adobe Photoshop and Lead Tools. We can improve colour range, remove dust, improve sharpness, reduce blurriness and many more.

We can get your photographs in JPEG, Tiff, PDF format in a convenient CD/DVD or can download from our website.
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High Quality Slide, Film & Negatives Digitis

We provide one stop scanning service for converting all of your irreplaceable memories to digital format. Our large format document scanning services facilitates digital conversion of 35mm and bigger slides, old photographs, film stripes, negatives to CD or DVD. You can get optical scanning resolutions of 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 dpi using Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners. File format options include either JPEG or TIFF and can be post processed into PDF by using top quality pdf document management software.
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Book & Manuscript Digitisation

The superior book scanning services that e-Celtic provide are capable of scanning bound books at high resolution in color, grayscale, or black and white. Our large format document scanning is ideal for scanning up to D-size bound books as well as fragile documents that require digital preservation and delicate handling.

We convert fragile archival documents with meticulous professional handling to maintain document integrity. For old books, manuscripts and pamphlets, we use special purpose book cradles to avoid harming book spines. We have also access to microfiche scanner and are able to deliver them in digital form. Our services are utilized by leading libraries, archives and universities.