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WordPress Development Company – Hiring Guide for Non-Technical Persons

Out of all the users of WordPress, both individuals and companies, most of them have no idea regarding what’s going behind the scene. Here scene connotes their e-commerce websites, company websites or blogs that are build using this open source application. While of course, some of the users might have some ideas about CSS and HTML and some others might be able to edit some areas, but that’s all about it. And when something goes wrong, like wrong update, edit or copy-paste, cold sweat scrolls down their foreheads. The reason – they fail to understand what the problem is and how they could fix the same. This is where the role of a WordPress Development Company comes into play.


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The world of WordPress is a 2-faceted market
What does this mean? The first group of users of WordPress has no or little amount of knowledge about this open source software. The second group possesses engineer’s degree, certification, well-thought approach and experience. The ecosystem of WordPress is developing because of these two different extreme worlds and their needs. So, you can easily classify it as the age old demand and supply approach.

Are you looking forward to hire wordpress developer, but have no technical background? Here are some of the most important considerations in this regard. Read on –

  Identify your needs – Companies and individuals develop almost anything using WordPress, such as websites, blogs, social communities, etc. Therefore, the market can be easily termed as heterogeneous. Here the projects differ a lot, from data optimization to custom form building or a theme to negligible tweaks. So, before hiring a wordpress Development Company, it is very important to figure out your unique requirements and sketch down the outcomes thoroughly.

Dear reader, you cannot look forward to hire the best professional or company, until and unless you don’t put your effort and spend some time sketching out a clear and all-encompassing description of your requirements, desired outcome, financial constraints and deadline. According to a trusted source, near about 45% of the projects are turned down by WordPress developers because of lack of proper and in-detailed information.

  Look for word-of-mouth referrals – Suppose you need a carpenter or a plumber and don’t know one. What would you do in the first place? Most probably, you would look for referrals from relatives, friends and co-workers. Won’t you? The same holds true when it comes to hire a wordpress Development Company. You can begin your search by asking about experts and reliable developers from those people who have already done similar businesses.

What? Nothing fruitful came up? Well, just relax and widen the angle of your research. How to do that? You can do the same by attending seminars and local meet ups that are organized periodically. You can also ask your LinkedIn contacts to provide you with some useful resources. Don’t forget, that word-of-mouth is not dead and it can do wonders.

  Do extensive researches – If you have found some contacts in your prospect’s list, don’t hire wordpress developer at random. It’s just the beginning of your discovery phase. So, get started with going through their websites, online repos and portfolios. While doing so, pay close attention to the below mentioned pointers –

How do they showcase their work?
Do they have well-presented as well as detailed case studies on their websites?
Have they ever made contributions to the WordPress community?
What do users think about their themes and plug-ins, if any?

Thereafter, you need to checkout their profiles on various social media platforms and try to gauge their tendency and frequency of participation. Especially, watch out one of the most important aspects – how to they deal with user questions. Although the main duty of a developer is not answering questions, it will help you a great deal.

  Watch out for their services – With a reliable and experienced wordpress Development Company, you can expect to get the following services. So, don’t skip this step.
WordPress personalization
WordPress Security
WordPress and digital marketing
WordPress proficiency and e-commerce solution
WordPress for almost anything

To hire wordpress developer, this task might look daunting when you don’t have any idea about coding and other relevant details, but in reality it’s not at all scary or taxing. All you need to do you keep your requirements on mind and proceed gradually and accordingly.